Max said to himself, ‘That’s his name.’ He bowed too and said, ‘Max Hollingsworth.’

The next morning, the same man bowed again and said, “Buenos dias, ‘and again Max answered, ‘Max Hollingsworth.’

The waiter spoke a little English, and after breakfast he said to Max, ‘‘‘Buenos dias’’ isn’t that guest’s name. It’s ‘‘Good morning’’ in Spanish.'

The next morning, Max bowed and said to the Mexican gentleman, ‘Buenos dias.’

The Mexican looked up, smiled happily, because Max spoke some Spanish now, and answered, ‘Max Hollingsworth.’   

Story No.21

Joe was nineteen. He had long hair, and he never washed or brushed it. He wore black clothes and his nails were always black too. He did not like work, and he was often absent.

Last Monday he said to himself, ‘I’m not going to go to work this week. I’m going to get a certificate from my doctor, and then I’m going to stay at home, but I’m going to get my money.’

He went to the doctor and said to him rudely, ‘I’m not well. What are you going to do about it?’

The doctor looked at him for a few seconds. Then he said, ‘Here. Take this three times a day. With water.’

‘What is it?’ Joe asked.

Soap,’ answered the doctor.    

Story No.22

George worked in an office, and he liked walking very much. He always said, ‘Sitting on a chair for eight hours every day, and then sitting at home in the evening, is very bad.’

Every summer, he had a holiday, and he went somewhere by train and then walked every day for five or six hours.

Last spring he took a map to a friend’s house and said, ‘You’ve been to Switzerland and walked in the Alps, Fred. I’m going to go there in August, and I’m going to walk from here to here on Saturday in the first week. ‘He put his finger on two places on the map.

‘Wait a minute, George,’ Fred answered. ‘In two days? But your map’s flat, and those mountains aren’t!’  

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